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Awakened by Shei Darksbane

>>>Box 1 Starts<<<

You Can’t Unsee The Truth.
Geeky lesbian Dakota Shepherd was just a bored night security guard, working at a museum in Knoxville, Tennessee until one fateful encounter changed it all.
A rogue wizard. A demonic ritual. A silver chalice.
Dakota Awakened, Hellfire blazing from her hands.
Dakota’s powers are a danger to herself and everyone around her, and she has to learn to control them quickly or risk losing her one chance to finally fulfill a lifelong dream.
While coming to terms with her new reality, she stumbles upon a secret that changed the course of her life.
Now she wants to know who is responsible for the holes in her memory, the blocks that hold back her powers, and all the years she spent alone.
Who put her back to sleep when she Awakened years before?

The Art of Arsh

>>>Box 5 Starts<<<

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Harry Dresden Stamp by arsh-stampsBrowncoat Stamp v.2 by notwhatitseemsPortal Stamp - Blue by SparkLum
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Kvothe by Devithemoneylender
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Toki Stamp by madhattaCharles Ofdensen stamp by chaosinmelodyLegend Of Korra: Avatar state by Dbzbabe
'Please, forgive me.' by xUnfortunate-SoulsxTyrion Lannister by Anawielle:thumb287134641:

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:star:XBOX by phantom:star:

Battlefield 4 Stamp by SpectreSinistreBioshock Stamp by Alcamin
:thumb210172506:Saints Row 2 Stamp by LoudNoises.:Army of Stamp:. by UndeadWhiskey
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Happy 15th Bday Deviantart

Fri Aug 7, 2015, 1:15 PM
Damn, I've been around for a long time here. (Protip: Had an older account before this one. I was around on Deviantart way before it was very popular or well-known about. >_<)
Hard to believe it's been 15 years since this place was live. I think I found it around two years after launch and have been here on and off every since. I've had times of being SUPER active here, like LIVING on this site... and times of not speaking for months. It happens. I've always been a textbook Aquarius: Super passionate about things I love, super flighty and off to another butterfly as soon as I've spotted one shinier than the last. Not much to be said for that. But Deviantart has chronicled my journey from "dabbler" in the arts to "serious artist" to "serious art student" to "professional illustrator" to "author". Quite a journey. And so many of you who have been here with me through all of this... I'm forever grateful for the support you've shown. 
I'm in the middle of preparing the book cover for my second in series (Hunted: Releases August, 14) and I have a lot to do before my next book launch, but I'm going to answer this questionnaire, because you know what? A 15 year anniversary only comes around uh... once every 15 years, I guess. :3

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? >> Roughly 13 years.

  2. What does your username mean? >> It means that I'm a dreamer and "Arshness" was taken, spectacularly, somehow. (Arshness was my nickname for years online. It's based on "Arsh" which was my more masculine-oriented nickname based on my real name. I have been through a very long journey with gender identity. I don't identify as masculine or neutral anymore though. I identify as female now, so I don't really use Arsh anymore and no longer really prefer Arshness that much either, but "Sheiness" doesn't really work, so I need to think of something else.)

  3. Describe yourself in three words. >> Blue. Foxy. Geek.

  4. Are you left or right handed? >> Right

  5. What was your first deviation? >> On another account, and there it shall stay, buried forever. (Fanart of an old OC that was a wolf kemonomimi.)

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? >> Digital paintings, but these days all I can really manage are photomanipulations with some mild digital painting in them. Also, writing. :) 

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? >> Can't I just instantly master my own art style? Okay seriously, I'd instantly master the "not quite anime, not quite Disney, not quite American comic" style that some of my favorite artists have. Or writing. I keep failing to remember that my writing is also an art. I guess writing would be the frugal answer. :3

  8. What was your first favourite? >> Seriously? I have absolutely no clue. Probably a friend's fanart.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? >> Stuff I like. o_o srsly wut. 

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? >> This is not fair. Let's just pretend I answered this. OKay. sigh. Fine. Here goes. JohnSu DestinyBlue len-yan feimo Orpheelin DiegoKoi Ehryel Kate-FoX  Jennyeight Aikurisu sandara carlosquevedo xa-xa-xa Vera-Chimera mero-ix Caelicorn Archaical ethe Sayael JellyVampire Vyrhelle-VyrL navate  There. Are you fracking happy? (I've left someone out oh gosh...)

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? >> Also not fair. So many great artists here I would ADORE to meet in person. ;_; But I guess my best answer would be DamHam so I could thank him in person for believing in me.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? >> I've had friends and enemies, love and hate. But I have immense love and respect for those who have been on this journey with me, and so many of you have impacted my life immensely. If not for people like Damham and a few others who found my art worthy of their money, I don't know how I'd have made it through a couple of years when I was so down on my luck that I nearly lost everything. You guys are amazing, and this community has been so good to me.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? >> Digital: Photoshop Cs6 + Wacom Intuos 4. Traditional: Still vaguely find of charcoals despite HATING them in school, and well, my lead holders are the best thing for sketching with. Writing: Scrivener + roleplay notes + coffee p

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? >> I never get to create art anywhere other than in my chair, at my desk, in my room. But I would say that it was great when I did livestreams and people were there with me through the process. That always inspired me and I miss those days. One day I'll have real internet again.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? >> Just one? What's with you and these impossible questions. I guess there were too many great times to really think of just one moment. Probably has to do with one of my dearly beloved friends who I adopted into my chosen family, or with Damham because being told that your art is someone's favorite art is really the best thing in the world.

Well that was fun. I did something weird while typing this and my screen filled itself with html so here's hoping this posts well.
Regardless of anything, thank you all for being here and being a part of this journey with me. <3's to you all!

  • Mood: dA Love
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  • Reading: The Brigadoon Boondoggle by Robert Dahlen
  • Watching: Star Trek: DS9 Season 6
  • Playing: Monster Hunter 3rd HD
  • Eating: Everything. Today is a hollow day.
  • Drinking: Coffee

Thanks for Stoppin' By!

And the stars shall rise up to meet him by Jenetikitty
:star: My Best Works :star:
Happles Stamp by arsh-stamps
Thanks for stopping by! Every Comment, Fav and Watch encourages me so much and motivates me to create more art!



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Can i have a pony LA commission ?

(and by LA i mean this ---> :la:)
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Thanks for the tips on finding visual collaborators. I appreciate it!
HazukiUsumi Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for giving me my first commission, I will start it as soon as I get home tomorrow, <3 I will try my best and I love your OCs theyre really beautiful
ArshnessDreaming Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yay awesome thank you! :) I am excited :)
Just please message me when it's up so I make sure to notice. I get very distracted sometimes and if I don't get a note I may forget. I'm very busy with RL right now because I lost my home and am looking for a new one.
HazukiUsumi Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Im really sorry and hope you find a good place to be in, I also had a time where I was pretty much homeless last year and me and my mom had to find one soon so i could go to school, thankfully my family got back together and we moved back to my step dads and sisters :) You find something soon, good luck
ArshnessDreaming Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh thank you. Yes we'll be fine as soon as I get a place for us.
I'm just saying, my DA use is sporadic because of all that's going on, so please be sure to note me when you're done with it. ^^
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*poke poke poke* HIYAAAA!!!! :D sorry for the silence, work has been crazy! I've been so exhausted. :(
ArshnessDreaming Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yeah well things got crazy for us. Those bad storms trashed our house. We had two trees through our roof. So we're now staying with my sister for the time being... And looking to move to Birmingham area or maybe somewhere else entirely because we have to find a place. :/ So yeah... things got crazy for us too.
BeautyKillsLies Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013
Oh no! I am so sorry! That is crazy!!!!! I hope everything goes well for you guys! I hope that it starts to look up! Have you found any work in birmingham?
ArshnessDreaming Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I don't need to find work in Birmingham. I'm still a freelance illustrator and so it doesn't really change based on where I go. The main thing is finding a house which is crazy right now. The market is horrible.
I hope to keep in touch anyway. Still wanted to get to know you better!
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